Two Tips for Building Your Freelance Writing Business Quickly

by Suzanne Lieurance

You can build a successful freelance writing business rather quickly if you’ll follow these two tips:

1. Avoid the urge to keep learning and studying things before you take any REAL action to earn money. It’s easy to convince yourself you’re building your freelance writing business when you’re taking courses and studying other writers to see what they do to make a living. But you’ll get discouraged and lose interest in freelance writing if you don’t start earning at least a little income rather quickly. To do this, put your focus on those actions that have the potential to create some immediate (or almost immediate) income. You may need some additional training at some point. But when you’re trying to get your business started, do what it takes to get some assignments or clients right away.

2. Avoid the urge to create more and more products or services if the products and services you already offer aren’t selling well yet. Instead, focus on creating a system for selling what you already offer, then follow your system. Once those products and services are selling well on a regular basis, then create additional products and services.

If you do nothing but follow these two tips this week to build your freelance writing business, you should still have a very productive week!

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